When you or a loved one lives with a disability, one of the most frustrating aspects is not being able to participate in the activities and opportunities that are open to others. In many cases, it is because services and facilities are not accessible. 

Springtime is arriving in the southern US. That means the time of year has arrived for adventuring around the mountains and valleys of North Carolina. Birds are singing, bees are buzzing, and the trees and wildflowers are about to be in full bloom. 

If you take a quick look around, it is easy to see why people flock to the mountains. The area around Asheville is flush with places to explore. Whether you want to kick back and enjoy a nice meal, an entertaining show, or explore the outdoors, there is a destination to suit everyone.

Navigating Asheville, North Carolina can be challenging for seniors and wheelchair users due to a number of factors, including hilly terrain, limited sidewalks, and curb cuts, and insufficient accessible public transportation.

As children, we rely on our parents to watch out for us, keep us safe, and help us grow into successful adults. But as they age alongside us, these roles can reverse, leading to the children being the caregiver to the parent. 

This is a big adjustment, and it can be difficult to navigate. You may not know when it is appropriate to step in or the best way to address ailing health in a parent. Sadly, there is no one size fits all solution because every person and health situation is unique. 

That being said, there are many warning signs you can be on the lookout for and a multitude of intervention opportunities that could help protect an aging parent. This article will discuss a few of the key signals to watch for in aging parents, and how to address them if they arise. 

Our parents have done a lot to protect and nourish us, and with this list, you will be equipped to return the favor. 

Are you looking forward to the holiday season this year? The team at Loyal Lifts certainly is, and we can’t wait to celebrate safely this winter! While the holidays are filled with fun, the winter also brings hazards, especially for our older loved ones. 

In this article, we will discuss a few considerations you will want to keep in mind as you prepare to spend time with loved ones this winter. It is important that you make everyone feel accommodated without feeling burdensome. The best way to do that is by being prepared. We know these tips will help you ensure everyone you celebrate with feels safe and welcome.

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