5 Ways Wheelchair Accessible Transportation is Good for Your Health

5 Ways Wheelchair Accessible Transportation is Good for Your Health

Even though Asheville is one of the largest mountain towns east of the Mississippi River, we have continued to maintain tight-knit communities and a small-town feel throughout the region. Southern hospitality abounds, and neighbors often come together to help those in need. Because of the number of people residing in Buncombe County, restaurants, grocery stores, gyms and all kinds of other businesses are able to thrive. We are also blessed to have excellent healthcare providers close by. From Mission Hospital to private physicians, to physical therapists, there is no shortage of qualified medical professionals around.


With the amenities of a large city, one would think that staying healthy and receiving top-notch care would be easy, but for the elderly and disabled, that may not always be true.

Though some may be able to access public transportation, it is often uncomfortable, unreliable, and inconvenient, especially for those who are wheelchair-bound. Studies have found that those who rely on public transportation, such as the bus or subway, are much more likely to miss doctor’s appointments. If you depend on wheelchair accessible transportation, or you cannot simply drive yourself, it does not mean you have to choose subpar healthcare. Loyal Lifts provides comfortable and quality transportation to doctor’s appointments for the disabled and elderly in Buncombe County and surrounding areas.

5 Ways You Can Keep Up with Your Health

1) Do Not Choose Your Doctor Based Solely on Proximity

There might have been a time that being in a wheelchair meant you had to choose your primary care physician and other medical professionals based on their proximity to your home. Trying to arrange rides from friends and family or finding wheelchair-accessible public transportation was more trouble than it was worth. With Loyal Lifts, you can ride in comfort to the doctors and healthcare professionals you trust the most, without the inconveniences of trying to find a ride the old way.

2) Keep moving. Get a Gym Membership and Attend Regularly

Staying active is one of the keys to overall health and wellness. A gym membership can give you access to wheelchair-accessible exercise equipment, a large indoor pool, and personal trainers. That means you can improve your fitness even on rainy or snowy days. With quality, wheelchair accessible transportation, you do not have to choose the gym closest to your house; rather, you can join the one with the best pool and equipment.

3) Get Out and About in Asheville

Asheville is a great city with a fun combination of small businesses and recognizable brands. There are restaurants beloved by locals and tourists alike, as well as some of the best shopping options in North Carolina. Stay healthy by letting us help you get out and about in our city.

4) Shop for High Quality, Nutritional Meals

Do not rely on the convenience store closest to your home for your meals or feel like you can only get what is available via delivery. One of the ways to stay healthy is to make sure you get to the best grocery stores that offer the highest quality produce. Loyal Lifts can help you make those vital trips, so you can stock up on the nutritional food you want to eat. 

For those living on a small income, Bounty & Soul, a community-based non-profit providing access to fresh produce and wellness education. Pencil in on your calendar their farmer’s market open to everyone in the community. Everything is free, you just have to show up. Here’s where and when to visit a Bounty & Souls nutritious markets:

  • Tuesday - St James Episcopal Church, 424 West State Street, Black Mountain
    11AM - 1PM Drive-thru food distribution
  • Thursday - Charles D. Owen Middle School, 730 Old US Highway 70, Swannanoa
    (This market is closed until further notice.)                                             
  • Friday - Black Mountain Presbyterian Church, 117 Montreat Road, Black Mountain
    4PM - 6PM Drive-thru food distribution
  • Saturday - Carver Community Center, 101 Carver Avenue, Black Mountain
    Yoga classes are suspended until further notice.)

5) Spend Time With Your Friends

Your mental health is as important as your physical fitness. Make sure you are spending time with your friends and family. Your wheelchair does not have to prevent you from:

  • Attending weddings and anniversary celebrations
  • Attending birthday parties
  • Attending graduation for ceremonies
  • Attending business functions and retreats
  • Attending church events
  • Attending festivals
  • Attending wakes and funerals

Loyal Lifts Transportation provides the transportation options you need to focus on your health and wellness. If you would like more information about our stylish and comfortable wheelchair accessible vans, or you are ready to arrange a ride, contact us.