7 Things You Can Do With Wheelchair Accessible Transportation

7 Things You Can Do With Wheelchair Accessible Transportation

Asheville is a great city full of interesting places to go and things to see. Aside from the surrounding tall mountains and pristine waters, there are numerous restaurants, art galleries, and shopping areas. If you are in Buncombe or Henderson counties or the surrounding area, there is no shortage of activities for you and your family; however, if you are wheelchair-bound or need additional assistance getting around, the city can be challenging to navigate. 

With Loyal Lifts Transportation, seniors and wheelchair-bound residents of western North Carolina can easily get around and enjoy this great region.

In this article, we are sharing 8 things you can do in the Asheville area if you have the wheels to get around. 

8 Things You Can Do in Asheville with Wheelchair Accessible Transportation

Wheelchair accessible transportation makes it possible to do the things you want to do in the area. 

1) Go Shopping

If you enjoy shopping, Asheville has a lot of great options. With Loyal Lifts, we can take you everywhere from the Asheville Outlets to your favorite grocery store, farmer’s markets or downtown shops. 

2) Go Art Gallery Hopping

There are dozens of fantastic art galleries in Asheville that attract millions of tourists to our area each year. The River Arts District includes galleries curated by well-known artists as well as talented local artists, therefore, going just once is not an option. If you enjoy art, Loyal Lifts can help you get to your favorite galleries throughout the region. 

3) Go to Celebrations

This is a wonderful place to raise a family. For many Asheville seniors, your friends and relatives are scattered throughout the area. While they are close enough to make the drive if you can, for the wheelchair-bound, you might have trouble finding rides for all the birthdays and graduation celebrations you want to attend. Quality wheelchair accessible transportation is the solution for those who want to celebrate with their Asheville friends and family members. 

4) Go to Parks and Greenways

Our area already has a number of beautiful parks and greenway spaces. Once you get there, you know you will enjoy riding by the river at French Broad River Park or along Mud Creek in Hendersonville. Now, with Loyal Lifts, you can ride there in style without leaving your wheelchair behind. 

5) Go to Restaurants and Shows

From the Famous eateries like Tupelo Honey Café and Farm Burger to lesser-known restaurants like Twisted Laurel, there is more great food in Asheville than one person can experience in a lifetime. In addition to great places to eat, the Asheville area has fun music venues and unique movie theaters. Whether you want to eat well or catch a show, or both, Loyal Lifts can help.

6) Go to Medical Appointments

With all the food, nature, and culture in our area, you might not think there would also be high-quality medical care; however, from Mission Healthcare Systems to top-notch doctors, nurses, and medical workers, we are fortunate to have stellar healthcare. When you are wheelchair-bound, you may feel like you are relegated to the doctors and medical personnel that is closest to your home, but you might have relationships and medical preferences. You can go to your favorite doctor or specialist in a luxurious, wheelchair friendly van with Loyal Lifts Transportation.

7) Go to the Airport

Asheville Regional Airport has grown in capacity and popularity in recent years. With the addition of service to many areas throughout the country, Asheville Regional represents freedom for residents of our area. If you need airport shuttling for you, your luggage, and your wheelchair, Loyal Lifts is here to help.

Whether it’s shopping, medical appointments, or anything else you need to do in western North Carolina, Loyal Lifts Transportation is here to provide the highest quality wheelchair accessible transportation. If you would like to know more about how to schedule our vans to get around Asheville, contact Loyal Lifts Transportation today