Door-to-Door Wheelchair Accessible Transportation

Door-to-Door Wheelchair Accessible Transportation

There is no shortage of “things to do” and “places to go” in Asheville, NC. Western North Carolina has been one of the fastest-growing regions of the state for decades. The city is surrounded by high mountain peaks that seem to rise from the skyline itself. It is one of the wonders that draws residents by the tens of thousands and tourists by the millions. If they are not coming here for the mountains, it is for the world-class food and shopping for which we are renowned. In addition to the views and the mountains, they travel or move here for the opportunity to get lost exploring old-growth forests, chase waterfalls, and float down rivers and creeks. 

Whatever it is that brings people to the Asheville area, it certainly results in making it difficult to navigate the roadways and parking lots. For those who use wheelchairs, getting around Asheville is that much more difficult.

Whether you are new to Asheville or have been here long enough to see the growth and change, door-to-door wheelchair accessible transportation is the way to go. Let us explain why:

How Your Life Improves with Door-to-Door Wheelchair Accessible Transportation

Loyal Lifts Transportation Services provides chauffeur quality, personal service in a custom, luxurious vehicle custom-designed to accommodate mobility issues and disability.

1) Getting Around in Your Wheelchair

If you are driving yourself or depending on rides from friends and family, you may find yourself choosing between getting around and keeping your wheelchair or making multiple transfers while you are getting around. This may lead you to instead choose to just stay around your home and neighborhood. However, with door-to-door wheelchair accessible, you do not have to choose between staying in or going out without your chair.

2) Going to Your Doctor and Healthcare Professionals

Asheville is fortunate to enjoy some of the best healthcare in North Carolina; however, many residents may feel like they have to choose medical professionals that are close to your home or along a predetermined shuttle route. With Loyal Lifts, you can keep your doctors, dentists, and healthcare professionals regardless of where they are around town. 

3) Navigating Traffic

There is no denying traffic in Buncombe County can be pretty crazy. Sometimes, this can feel like a deterrent to getting out at all, especially if you are driving yourself. With door-to-door wheelchair accessible transportation, getting out is not necessarily such a project. Our professional drivers may even be able to find an alternate route to get you home quicker, but at the very least, you can relax because you won’t have to worry about navigating the traffic yourself. 

4) Making Multiple Stops

Sometimes, your door-to-door shuttling may be more like door-to-door-to-door. If your transportation is not wheelchair friendly, you may find yourself transferring in and out of your chair repeatedly, resulting in a long day. Additionally, you will face the stress of having to find multiple accessible parking spaces. With our transportation services, you can rest easy, make multiple stops, and enjoying living in one of the most beautiful cities. 

5) Not Having to Worry About Finding Parking at the Airport

Asheville Regional Airport has grown to service many locations, and as such, finding parking at the increasingly busy airport is more difficult than ever. For our clients, our door-to-door wheelchair accessible transportation often includes door-to-plane. And when you return, we can be there to pick you up. 

It is time to consider letting door-to-door wheelchair accessible transportation help you enjoy our great city. We help hundreds of people just like you get to birthday parties, graduation celebrations, weddings, doctors, grocery stores, and everywhere else they need to go. We help you find your way to the beautiful places as well, so you can remember why you chose Asheville in the first place. 

If you need wheelchair accessible transportation in the Asheville area, you can travel in style with Loyal Lifts. We have been helping the elderly and disabled get around since 2017, and we make sure your ride is as comfortable as possible. Let our professionals help you take care of your loved ones and make them mobile again. Our transportation is reliable, safe, and readily available. Contact us to schedule your transportation appointment today.