How Loyal Lifts Helps Seniors and the Wheelchair-Bound Retain Mobility

How Loyal Lifts Helps Seniors and the Wheelchair-Bound Retain Mobility

Many disabled and senior citizens who use wheelchairs have limited transportation options. Services such as Loyal Lifts provide comfortable non-emergency medical transportation for their clients on wheelchairs or those who have mobility challenges. 

Access to public transportation can be tricky for people living with a disability or are wheelchair bound. Non-emergency medical transportation for individuals who use wheelchairs seek the same opportunities to move as freely as possible. If you, your loved one, or your patient is in a wheelchair and need to get around, engaging in the service of a wheelchair transport company is your best option. Here’s how we can help.


How Loyal Lifts Helps Seniors and the Wheelchair-Bound Retain Mobility

Loyal Lifts helps seniors and the wheelchair-bound with reliable transportation in a specially designed vehicle for your transportation needs.

Doctor’s Appointments

Asheville is the largest city in the mountains and the hub of the region’s rich culture and entertainment. The tight-knit neighborhoods and communities have always enjoyed a steady population and small-town mountain hospitality. One of the things Asheville has is top-notch healthcare and a lot of amenities. For area residents living in the surrounding counties like Buncombe, Henderson, and Transylvania Counties, have great choices for doctors and medical professionals throughout Western North Carolina. Getting to your doctor’s appointments is vital for your health and overall wellness. If you depend on a wheelchair, accessible transportation or simply cannot drive yourself, Loyal Lifts provides professional, quality transportation to doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, and other medical visits for the disabled and senior community. 

Airport Pickup

The historically, beautiful Biltmore Estate is the number one attraction when anyone visits Asheville. Over one million people from all over the world visit the world-class Biltmore Estate to enjoy the on-site winery, fine restaurants, phenomenal gardens, and shops located on the 8,000-acre property. We can’t forget about Asheville’s unique spirit that flows downtown and supports locally-owned shops and artists. You can find numerous independent businesses, award-winning restaurants, and activities to do. Another reason why people visit Asheville is to see the mountains, and some even choose to retire in the most beautiful region in the country. 

Whether you plan to travel to Asheville for a weekend getaway, or one of the fantastic residents coming home, Loyal Lifts Transportation Service is here to help you when you land at the airport. We provide comfortable and safe shuttling service for the disabled and elderly within a wheelchair-accessible van. We can assist you with airport pickup services from Asheville Regional Airport.

Hotel Shuttle 

In Asheville, North Carolina every season has something to offer. During autumn, the Blue Ridge Mountains have one of the most dramatic displays of fall foliage with one of the longest and most vibrant led seasons in the country. Spring weather brings blooming mountains, wildflowers, downtown tours, and springtime festivals. From the mountain culture to world-class food options and shopping opportunities, there is plenty to do in Buncombe County. Asheville is rich with museums, entertainment, and event venues. Regardless of your reason for visiting Asheville, if you need a shuttle to and from your hotel, Loyal Lifts Transportation Services can provide wheelchair-accessible transportation for the disabled and the elderly. Asheville has something for everyone, which is why we can help you get around in style.

Special Event Transportation

From grand estates to unique outdoor and downtown spaces, Asheville has no shortage of inspiring venues for corporate conferences, weddings, and celebratory gatherings. With the Blue Ridge Mountains as your backdrop, you will find spectacular venues in some of the most unexpected places. Asheville has everything you could want in amenities and conveniences. You can find tasty restaurants and shops in the downtown area surrounded by mile-high mountains. The Biltmore Estate is one of the most popular special event venues in the Southeast. Whether you are an Asheville resident or in town for special events and in need of wheelchair-accessible transportation, Loyal Lifts can chauffeur you in style to any special event in Asheville, Henderson, or another North Carolina county. 

Loyal Lifts provides safe, comfortable, and affordable transportation for the disabled, senior citizens, and mobility-impaired. We will safely transport you to doctor’s appointments, special events, airport pickups, and more. Locally and family-owned in Buncombe County, our drivers have years of corporate driving experience and can accommodate up to three passengers. When you choose Loyal Lifts, you receive reliable door-to-door transportation and are treated with dignity and respect. Contact us to learn more about our chauffeur quality services and schedule your pickup appointment today.