How To Get to Weddings, Birthdays, and Special Occasions With Your Wheelchair

How To Get to Weddings, Birthdays, and Special Occasions With Your Wheelchair

Getting around Asheville can be challenging, even when things are perfect. Over 30,000 people have moved to the city since 1990 and 90,000 to Buncombe County. In the car, traffic jams and fenders-benders are part of life in western North Carolina. Once you park, you join thousands of residents and millions of tourists as they navigate tricky terrain and often uncooperative weather. That is not to say anything negative about the city or county. Substantial efforts have been made to make the city more friendly for pedestrians and cyclists. We have excellent sidewalks and beautiful greenways. However, there is no doubt that life and travel in the mountains are a little more challenging than in most places. 

Of course, we would not trade North Carolina for anywhere. If you are traveling to Asheville for a wedding, birthday, graduation, or special occasion, you will be created with spectacular views and stunning scenery. If getting around in a wheelchair is a consideration, Asheville has made great efforts to ensure excellent accommodations. Still, it is important to plan ahead. Here are a few tips for making sure you can enjoy special occasions with your wheelchair. 


Five Questions To Ask Before You Get to Western North Carolina

1) Is the Housing Wheelchair Accessible? 

If you are traveling from out of town, it is important to make sure your accommodations are ADA compliant and wheelchair-accessible. If you are traveling to a wedding, for instance, double check with the wedding planner to make sure they booked an accessible room. If you are staying with a family friend, make sure you have a room downstairs. 

2) Does the Venue Have a Ramp or Elevator?

There are hundreds of incredible wedding and special event venues in western North Carolina. Many of them are renovated historical buildings that may have dated technology. Check with your hosts to ensure ramps or elevators are present if the event takes place upstairs. 

3) Will Your Seating Situation Be Easy to Navigate?

It is not just about getting there; you need to know about the event itself. If it is formal with seats assigned, make sure yours is in a place accommodating setting such as the end of an aisle or table. 

4) What Is the Terrain Like?

As we mentioned previously, the terrain in and around Asheville can be challenging with or without a wheelchair. Some event venues may have gently rolling hills, steep switchbacks, waterfalls, and other beautiful natural features. However, those can be tricky to negotiate with a wheelchair. Ask your hosts whether you may have to navigate steep grades, gravel roads, rough bridges, or other challenges. Make sure there is a workaround for the most challenging features. 

5) What Happens if it Rains?

In an average year, Asheville gets about forty-five inches of rain. It is evenly dispersed throughout the year, making it impossible to predict well in advance. One of the questions you must ask is whether the lawn and pathways will turn into a muddy mess if it rains. Make sure there is a backup plan that will allow you to navigate the grounds in the event of a downpour. 

How To Get to and from Your Wedding, Birthday, or Special Celebration

Whether you are local or traveling from out of town, you will need to determine how you will get around. Asheville's public transportation is ADA accessible and accommodating for wheelchair users. If you choose the bus, however, you will need to familiarize yourself with routes and schedules. If your event is outside of the city, you may not be able to use ART to get there. 

What if you could travel luxuriously with your wheelchair? Loyal Lifts Transportation Services provides chauffeur quality, personal service in a custom, luxury upfitted vehicle custom-designed to accommodate mobility issues and disability. We provide shuttle service throughout the area:

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Loyal Lifts helps you get around in comfort and safety. If you have a special occasion in the Asheville area, contact us to schedule your wheelchair-accessible shuttle service. We would love to help you get to and from your weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions. Wherever you need to go in Asheville, we are here to help.