Remember Seniors and the Differently-Abled This Winter

Remember Seniors and the Differently-Abled This Winter

For many, the chill in the western North Carolina air is a welcome reminder that the holidays are upon us. The Asheville area will be transformed into a wonderland of lights and decorations, reminding everyone of the spirit of kindness and neighborly love embodied by the season. Often, residents are searching the skies for signs of the potential for a white Christmas to accompany those decorations.

This is, however, only the beginning of a season that can bring brutal cold, wind, snow, and ice to Buncombe County and the surrounding area. The first snow will fall in the highest elevations as early as October and as late as April. Many area roads will be treacherous most of the winter. 

For seniors and the disabled, it can be especially challenging to get out and about during the colder months. When the mercury drops and the days are cold and gray, it is especially important to remember and help those who need it during the holidays and beyond.


Why Winter Is Especially Challenging in Western North Carolina 

They say if you don’t like the weather in western North Carolina, wait five minutes. However, during winter, if you’re waiting for things to change, you might not like what you get until spring. Our beautiful mountains are one of the best attributes of living in the Asheville area, but they complicate weather in many ways:

  • Our region is one of the coldest parts of the state during winter.
  • Asheville receives an average of a foot of snow annually, but it’s unpredictable from season to season. One year downtown Asheville might see barely an inch of snow, while we might measure it with a yardstick the next. 
  • The elevation varies significantly throughout the area. It could be raining in downtown Asheville, sleeting in Weaverville, and snowing heavily in Wolf Laurel at the same time. A few miles can make all the difference.
  • Even after a precipitation-rich system moves through, northwest flow snow can pummel the Tennessee border ridges of Yancey, Madison, and Haywood counties for hours and even days. These events can drop feet of snow on many communities while the sun is shining in the valleys. 
  • Our area has many dirt and gravel roads that can take much longer to dry than pavement. These roads can be icy for weeks and even months. 
  • In addition to the snow and ice, the mountains and valleys are prone to excessive wind gusts, especially after cold fronts move through the area. 

Winter is challenging for all western North Carolinians, but especially so for seniors and the differently-abled. 

What Seniors and the Disabled Need During the Winter

1) Seniors and the Disabled Need Support

Many find that frigid temperatures and dreary weather are especially difficult on joints and muscles. When the mercury dips for days and weeks at a time, it can be especially challenging for those dealing with injuries, pain, and discomfort. 

It is important to provide support and assistance to those in our lives who need it during the cold months.

2) Seniors and the Disabled Need Community 

It’s not just assistance people need, but community, during the coldest times of the year. Seniors and the differently-abled may find it much more challenging to remain mobile during winter and thus miss out on gathering with friends and family without help. 

We must remember to help those who find mobility challenging during winter find their community, or we should be the community for seniors and the disabled.  

3) Seniors and the Disabled Need Transportation 

Snow, ice, wind, and cold may be an inconvenience to daily life at times here in western North Carolina, but the weather doesn’t stop people from needing to get around regardless of what winter throws at us. Seniors and the disabled need transportation during winter for several reasons, including:

  • Getting to and from doctor appointments
  • Picking up prescription medication
  • Shopping for groceries 
  • Gathering with clubs, groups, and friends
  • Attending weddings and other events
  • Shopping for loved ones and taking advantage of winter sales
  • A variety of other reasons 

The need for getting around exists whether or not the weather cooperates with us. For your friends and loved ones, only the best transportation should do. 

Not Just Any Transportation 

For your friends and loved ones, you want to know that they have the safest and most comfortable transportation available. Loyal Lifts is here to help. For clients with a variety of unique needs, we provide dependable and attentive door-to-door transportation in Western North Carolina. Our drivers are well-trained, safe, and courteous.

Simply give us a call to schedule a pick-up appointment. The services provided by Loyal Lifts provide a luxurious and safe winter transportation experience. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you or a loved one need a ride this winter. Count on us for your next doctor's or dentist's appointment, family gathering, group meeting, or shopping trip.