Tips for Traveling in Asheville During Winter With Your Wheelchair

Tips for Traveling in Asheville During Winter With Your Wheelchair

Fall was a spectacular fall season in and around Asheville, North Carolina. The changing leaves were as beautiful as they have been in many years, and people traveled from all over to see them. We were treated to a relatively warm October and November, but as we transition to winter, the chill is in the air. Snowflakes have been spotted and even accumulated in the higher elevations. We can delay winter no longer here in western North Carolina.

For a high elevation city and region, December through March is relatively warm. However, most winters we do deal with at least some extreme cold, snow, and ice. Many people enjoy watching the snow silently fall, and paint the landscape white; however, once the snow finishes falling on the roads, it can be difficult getting around town. For those who travel requiring wheelchair accessibility, the season can be especially challenging. At Loyal Lifts Transportation, we want to help make sure seniors and those who are in a wheelchair have the tools they need to get around Asheville safely. Here are five tips for winter travel in Asheville. 


5 Tips for Wheelchair Accessible Travel During Winter in Asheville

1) Know what winter weather to expect: 

One of the challenges of getting around Asheville during the winter is that conditions can vary dramatically during the course of the day, depending on elevation. The key is to be weather-aware. Quick tips for remaining weather-aware during winter include:

  • Follow local meteorologists on social media like Ray’s Weather Center, Jason Bowyer and Hunter Ward (AshevilleWx on Facebook). 
  • Know that the way the day begins weather-wise may not be the way it ends.
  • Recognize that if you are traveling to higher elevations what was rain in the valley might be snow and ice on the mountain. 
  • Avoid traveling early in the morning and at night if the road surface is wet. 

2) Find out how the roads are treated:

While the interstates and highways are typically treated with brine and salt, some of the secondary roads may not be as prepared for snowfall and ice accumulation. Before you travel in winter, check the news and online for road conditions. 

3) Avoid traveling troubled times:

Snowfall is beautiful to watch, but it is challenging for driving. Sunshine and road treatment will melt snow on asphalt even if the air temperatures are still below freezing. However, when the sun sets and temperatures drop, any remaining moisture can freeze. For roads that are not plowed, slush can freeze deeply and may linger for days. If you can, avoid traveling during the early morning and nighttime hours.

4) Go to places you know have adequate weather-friendly wheelchair access:

One of the challenges with traveling during winter is what happens when you get to your destination. The roads might be clear where you are driving; however, you may find your destination is still covered in snow and ice. During the winter, you may need to call ahead to find out whether parking lots and wheelchair ramps are still slick and icy, especially if there is a difference in elevation from where you are starting to where you are going.

5) Utilize safe wheelchair-accessible shuttles: 

One of the most important steps you can take to ensuring safe travel during the winter is choosing wheelchair shuttles over driving yourself or other modes of transportation. Loyal list transportation offers senior and wheelchair-accessible shuttle services for people throughout the Asheville and western North Carolina area. It is not just for doctors’ visits and trips to the airport, although those activities are certainly included. You can utilize the oil list to travel to weddings, birthday parties, and other gatherings, as well as just for your shopping needs. When the weather is adverse, Loyal Lifts make sure we can take every stat to get you there safely.

If you need safe wheelchair accessible transportation during the cold winter months in Asheville, contact Loyal Lifts today. If you know someone that would benefit from our shuttle services, you can help set them up with a quality ride by giving us a call or filling out the form on our website. Winter in Asheville does not have to stop you from getting out and about. Contact Loyal Lifts today.