Wheelchair and Disabled Accessible Waterfalls in Western NC

Wheelchair and Disabled Accessible Waterfalls in Western NC

If you take a quick look around, it is easy to see why people flock to the mountains in summer. The time of year has arrived for adventuring around the mountains and valleys of North Carolina. Birds are singing, bees are buzzing, and the trees and wildflowers are about to be in full bloom. 

The area around Asheville is flush with places to explore. Whether you want to kick back and enjoy a nice meal, entertaining show, or explore the outdoors, there is a destination to suit everyone. If you have mobility issues, don’t let them slow you down.


Wheelchair and Disabled Accessible Waterfalls in Western NC

There are hundreds of beautiful waterfalls all throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains. When it comes to accessible locations, Asheville and the area around are spoiled for choices. For those who are disabled or don’t want to hike in the summer heat, here is a list of favorite easy-to-access waterfalls in the Asheville and greater western North Carolina area.

1. Looking Glass Falls

Located a short drive from Asheville, this 60-foot fall is one of the most beautiful and famous waterfalls in North Carolina. Located just off 276 with plenty of parking, an observation deck, and constructed stairs down to the base, this location is accessible for most.

2. Dry Falls

Here you can have the unique opportunity to walk behind the cascade. Dry Falls is a 75-foot cascade with a nicely sized parking area, accessible bathrooms, a viewing platform that is handicap accessible, and a nice paved trail down to the falls.

3. Glassmine Falls

Named for an old mica mine in the area, if you find yourself along the Blue Ridge Parkway, take a stop at milepost 361.2. From the overlook, you can see this ribbon of water along the opposite valley cliff, which is even more impressive after rains.

4. Bridal Veil Falls

One of the most popular stops in western North Carolina, Bridal Veil Falls, is located just 20 feet from Highway 64 near the town of Highlands. While you can no longer drive behind it, there is a paved section that allows visitors to walk behind the fall. 

5. Cullasaja Falls

Pictured at the top of this post, this large 250-foot waterfall is viewable roadside from a dedicated parking area. If you plan to visit, mind the cliff and the road, as the parking area is wedged between Highway 64 and the cliff. There is no official trail here, but the parking area gives a number of different views. 

6. Hooker Falls

While not the tallest on the list, Hooker Falls is a wide cascade that falls into a large pool at the base. If you visit and it looks familiar, you might recognize it from the film Last of the Mohicans. This is a popular destination in summer, with two parking lots and a handicap-accessible viewing platform as well.

7. Lower Falls Graveyard Fields

Lower Falls Graveyard Fields is a gorgeous waterfall and swimming hole visible from a small pullover on the Blue Ridge Parkway, just past MP418.8. For those up to it, the base is accessible by a short and moderate .3-mile hike down to the falls. 

There is a large parking lot for the area and a bathroom building.

9. Sunburst Falls

Sunburst Falls is a roadside waterfall located along Highway 215. This cascade crosses under a gorgeous 1930s stone bridge.  

The water flows through an arch in the bridge and plummets into some more minor falls located below.  There are two sets of falls you can visit here: an upper fall above the bridge and a lower fall below the bridge. The upper fall section is easily accessible from the parking area.

10. Tom Branch Falls

Located in the Deep Creek section of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tom Branch Falls is an easy-to-access fall that is simple and gorgeous. Water gently cascades down an 80-foot rock face into the creek below, and is at its most scenic going into fall.

11. Whitewater Falls

The tallest waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains, Whitewater falls, is a 411-foot stunning cascade near Sapphire, North Carolina. A paved half-mile trail can take you to the waterfall observation deck. The trailhead features accessible facilities and a nice picnic area as well.

Specialized Shuttle Service to Accessible Attractions

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