Many people consider wheelchairs, canes, walkers, or other aids to be hindrances or obstacles… even burdens. But for people with disabilities, they can represent mobility, possibility, opportunity. Being able to navigate the world - and your own community - means that we are independent and can move towards our goals, whatever they may be. There are, unfortunately, mobility barriers for people with disabilities. Knowing where you might encounter issues is important, as is knowing how to overcome them. 

Are you an active senior? Do you have a loved one who is? If they do not drive, it can be difficult for them to engage in community life and participate in the activities that they love. And this is essential: it’s what keeps us young at heart! With comfortable, accessible transportation options, seniors can get out and live life. 

Just a few of the activities seniors can accomplish in Asheville when they take advantage of comfortable transportation:

When you or a loved one lives with a disability, one of the most frustrating aspects is not being able to participate in the activities and opportunities that are open to others. In many cases, it is because services and facilities are not accessible. Take travel, for instance: it can be difficult to navigate an airport and fly without certain accommodations. Asheville Airport is committed to providing ADA compliant services and meeting the needs of all passengers.

Some people dream of retiring and moving to the beach, where the sun is hot, and the sand and salt invade your stuff and cause it all to rust. Seniors and residents of Asheville know the beach is a nice place to visit, but the Appalachian Mountains are the place to live. Every year, by the thousands, new residents prove that the secret is out on western North Carolina.

Why wouldn’t you want to leave here? We may not have salty air and seagulls, but we do have the best weather of any southern city. Our winters are mild, and our summers are cool. Wherever you are, you are surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks that change color each season. We have more incredible restaurants than one could experience in a lifetime, and everyone wants to host their wedding or special event here.

If you need help getting around in Asheville, we can help you travel in style to your next wedding, party, or funeral with our wheelchair accessible vans.

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