how wheelchair bound navigate winter avlWhether you have a disability, wheelchair-bound or not, traveling for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year means extra stress in planning the holiday trip. In fact, November and December are the busiest travel months of the year, and like everyone else, people with disabilities are more likely to take holiday trips during this time. 

For those who don’t often travel, preparing for a trip, packing, and planning for accessibility can feel overwhelming. That is why Loyal Lifts can help you on your travels during the holiday season. 

Four Tips for Holiday Travel With Your Wheelchair

1. Plan Ahead

Planning is essential for a safe, smooth, and successful trip. No matter what time of year, wheelchair travel requires extra time and planning. For holiday travel, everything may and likely take longer because of the volume of people traveling. 

Weather is also a key factor because flights may be delayed, and roads may be slippery due to ice and snow. Allow extra time for everything compared to what you normally need to accomplish and reach the destination. 

2. Have an Organized Suitcase

Stuffing your suitcase the night before you leave is never a good idea for any travelers, but for disabled travelers, you can risk forgetting the essential items that you need for safety and mobility. Pack essential safety items such as medications in a secure place where you’ll always have access to them. 

Keep a change of clothing in your carry-on bag in case you get stuck at the airport during a snowstorm. Plan outfits in advance for a faster and easier way to get ready each morning, and if you know your itinerary, you can even decide what you are going to wear each day. 

3. Bring The Equipment You Need

Keep in mind; airlines can’t charge extra bag fees for transporting mobility equipment. If you need to bring a walker, shower chair, etc., with you, don’t hesitate. You want your trip to be as safe and comfortable as possible, and that means bringing the right equipment. 

There are portable versions of many of these items, so even if you’re driving, they won’t take up much space. 

4. Make Hotel Reservations Ahead of Time

Lots of people travel during the holiday, resulting in booked hotels. Be sure to make a reservation as soon as possible to ensure that you get the accessible room you need. 

A great way to make a reservation is by calling the hotel and asking them specifically to reserve the roll-in shower type of accessible room. Do your research online, and check reviews. 

Holiday Travel Transportation in Asheville With Loyal Lifts

Tucked in the mountains of North Carolina, Asheville is a top travel destination in North Carolina and promises even more enchantment in the winter. Experience Asheville’s scenic landscape, rich culture, and bustling downtown with wheelchair-friendly transportation help from Loyal Lifts. 

We have been working for years to offer people with disabilities the support and organization of comfortable and reliable transportation. 

Thanks to our chauffeur-quality standards, luxurious wheelchair-friendly can. And professional staff, we always guarantee the best transportation in Asheville. With Loyal Lifts, a pick-up can be scheduled ahead of time, and we provide a variety of transportation options. Contact us today to arrange a ride for yourself or a loved one