how to stay warm healthy winter disabilityWinter in the city of Asheville can be beautiful and mild compared to the surrounding peaks of western North Carolina. But whether it is a bright winter day or a blustery snowfall, if you are elderly or differently-abled, staying comfortable and safe through the cold winter months can present its own set of challenges.

How to Stay Comfortable This Winter in Asheville, NC

Cold temperatures, potentially hazardous road conditions, and the common cold can all put a damper on winter in the mountains of Buncombe County. Luckily, there are easy steps to keep comfortable, travel safely, and stay healthy if you are differently-abled.

Dress for the Cold

Whether or not you are mainly staying indoors, or enjoying the fresh mountain air, keep yourself bundled up for the winter air.

  • Invest in good lightweight clothing layers that trap air and keep you warm without sacrificing maneuverability.
  • Accessorize with hats, gloves, and scarves. They’ll keep your extremities protected from frigid temperatures.
  • Look for gloves and boots that provide extra grip to help keep you moving around safely in ice or snow conditions.
  • Keep a warm blanket handy while sitting for prolonged periods.

Keep Up Healthy Habits

Cold weather and fresh snow can make it tempting to sit back and relax with a warm blanket and a hot cup of cocoa, but keep on top of your existing healthcare routine. Staying fit and healthy will ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

  • If you can’t make a doctor’s appointment, make sure to reschedule.
  • If you utilize physical therapy, make sure to have a regimen you can complete independently. It will keep you fit and moving will help keep you warm.
  • Prepare for going outside with sunscreen and petroleum-based skin products to protect sensitive skin from winter’s harsh sun and cold air.
  • Avoid settings where you might pick up germs like large gatherings or enclosed public transit systems.

Prepare for Inclement Weather

Asheville snows might tend to be fleeting, but the greater area of Buncombe County can see substantial amounts hang around for a while. Keep informed of potential winter snow and ice storms that might affect travel and power.

  • Have your vehicle or wheelchair serviced to prevent it from breaking down in wintery conditions.
  • Keep an emergency supply kit in your car and house; include food, water, warm blankets, medications, and battery backups for any medical devices.
  • Swap out your wheel or electric chairs tires for a snow-set, and consider ice-specific attachments for walkers and canes.
  • Have a list of emergency contacts prepared if you lose power or become stranded and need transportation.

Travel Comfortably This Winter

Having convenient and reliable transportation that you can trust to be safe and tailored for your accessibility needs can keep you moving about Asheville comfortably this winter. Loyal Lifts have provided Buncombe county with reliable door-to-door transportation for clients with all types of special needs since 2017.

Enjoy a comfortable and safe winter this year. Contact us to schedule your transportation with one of our professional drivers.