Mobility Transportation Asheville Challenges with limited mobility do not limit your need to get to doctors’ appointments or to go to the grocery store. They do not limit your desire to socialize, see family and friends, or visit museums, galleries, restaurants, parks, and shops. When you need and want to get out and about in the Asheville area, Loyal Lifts is there to pick you up (and drop you off!) with courteous, respectful, professional - and accessible - transportation solutions.

Chauffeur Quality Service

Loyal Lifts does not provide door to door service. We go beyond! Our personalized “beyond the sidewalk” service and premium insurance coverage allows us to do more to help with your transportation needs. For example, our passengers may carry multiple bags (e.g. grocery, luggage, shopping), and if you require a wheelchair, we are happy to provide one for you upon request.

Our professional drivers will transport you in custom, luxury upfitted vehicles that are designed to accommodate folks with mobility issues and disabilities. Heated seats, sun roos, and front-facing ramps are also installed in our vehicles. Your comfort, convenience, and, of course, safety, are our top priorities. 

Loyal Lifts owner, Keith Wells, is an experienced CDL licensed driver, and all of our staff have years of corporate driving experience. Locally-owned and family-operated, we treat you like a valued member of our family.

Meeting Asheville’s Mobility Transportation Needs

Loyal LIfts can accommodate three passengers, with up to two wheelchair passengers. We can provide transportation for errands, social engagements, cultural and community events, appointments, airport runs, and many other destinations.

If transportation has been a challenge for you because of mobility and/or disability issues, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have solutions that meet your needs and offer the utmost comfort and style!

Contact Loyal Lifts: We are there - and where - you need us!