wheelchair eventsWheelchair-accessible vehicles are the only way for wheelchair users to travel around places like Asheville in comfort while remaining as safe as possible. Placing a wheelchair in a regular vehicle can put users at risk for injuries, discomfort, and life-threatening situations if they are involved in an accident during transportation. Not everyone can afford to purchase a wheelchair-accessible van; therefore, companies like Loyal Lifts are committed to providing wheelchair-accessible vehicles and assistance getting in and out of your home. Here are five reasons why you should hire a wheelchair transportation company. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wheelchair Transportation Company 

1. Get Out of the Hospital Earlier

Patients often stay at the hospital because they do not have transportation to go back and forth between their doctor’s appointments and home. Loyal Lifts offers reliable transportation services for medical practices and works with your patient booking team to create a seamless process for pickup and dropoff. 

2. Improve Recovery Time

Make it to all of your doctor and physical therapy appointments for a consistent healing process. If you miss your appointments because of an absence of transportation, you can prolong your recovery period. Loyal Lifts allows you to make it to all of your appointments on time so you can focus on your journey to healing as fast as possible. 

3. Increased Comfort

Trying to get around the city of Asheville in a car that is not wheelchair compatible can be extremely uncomfortable. Whether the discomfort begins when you get into the car, during the ride, or out of the car, riding in the wrong vehicle can ruin your trip. Wheelchair-accessible vehicles allow you to ride safely and comfortably to any of your destinations. Riding in the wrong type of vehicle can create discomfort and pain; that is why Loyal Lifts is dedicated to making sure you and your loved one receive wheelchair transportation they need from the comfort of their home.

4. Avoid Injuries

As mentioned, when riding in a non-wheelchair-accessible vehicle can cause discomfort, pain, and possible injuries. Loyal Lifts greatly reduces the risk for injuries because our wheelchair-accessible transportation provides a safe, reliable, and chauffeur quality service in our custom, luxury vehicle designed to accommodate mobility issues and disability. 

5. Door-to-Door Service

Loyal Lifts offers door-to-door service in Asheville and surrounding areas with a variety of transportation needs for our clients. Let us transport you in style to any event or appointment, including airport pickups, hotel shuttle, dining, shopping, and more. Our premium insurance coverage allows us to take you beyond the sidewalk, and we can provide a wheelchair upon request. Our drivers have years of experience and can accommodate up to three passengers, two of them being wheelchair passengers. Contact us to arrange an appointment for pickup.