winter activities for seniorsThe holidays turn Asheville into a wonderland of lights and decorations. Many people hope to feel the cold and see snow falling from the sky as Christmas approaches. However, the season doesn't stop after New Year’s Day; rather, it can continue into March or even April. After the holidays, the cold and potentially bad weather is not met with quite so much optimism. 

During the cold season, residents of Asheville can expect:

  • Temperatures that are warmer and colder than they should be
  • About a foot of snow throughout winter, but potentially significantly more or less than that
  • Plain rain on and off throughout the season
  • Winter returning after a few weeks of Spring

For seniors, winter can be especially challenging. The frigid temperatures can exacerbate joint and muscle pain, and the snow can make roads, driveways, and sidewalks extra slick and dangerous. 

However, with the right transportation plan, seniors do not have to be stuck inside throughout a long, dark winter in Asheville. Here are a few activities to keep seniors busy this winter. 

Winter Activities for Seniors in the Asheville Area

1) The North Carolina Arboretum 

The North Carolina Arboretum, located in the Southern Appalachian Mountains just south of Asheville, contains acres of maintained gardens and groomed walkways with some of the most beautiful and botanically diverse species in the region. 

Educational programs, tours, festivals, and garden demonstrations are just a few of the activities available to visitors of all ages at the Arboretum.

2) Lexington Glassworks

Founded in the heart of downtown Asheville, Lexington Glassworks creates innovative hand-blown glass in a marker studio. Each piece is skillfully crafted using century-old techniques and locally sourced material to produce high-quality work. 

Visitors can view the gallery in custom lighting and handmade galls. This is truly an Asheville experience and a unique opportunity to enjoy the city’s culture.

3) The Folk Art Center

The Fold Art Center is among Asheville's most popular attractions. It is conveniently located on the Blue Ridge Ridge Parkway near Highway 70 and Interstate 40. 

Through exhibitions, special events, and daily artisan demonstrations, a range of craftspeople from the Blue Ridge Parkway Mountains of nine southern states are represented. 

4) Spend a Day or Weekend at the Biltmore Village

A nice way to spend a winter afternoon is visiting the historic Biltmore Village, which has a charming collection of shops, accommodation, and restaurants. The London District Studios and the Bon Vivant vintage and artisan market are two of the numerous secret side streets with fantastic finds. 

Village stores, galleries, artworks, apparel, home items, custom-designed jewelry, and more can all be found here. This could be combined with a tour of the Biltmore Estate and shopping in Antler Hill Village on the property.

5) Run Errands as Long as Seniors Have Safe Transportation

There is nowhere in the Asheville area that’s off limits as long as seniors have safe transportation in place. Loyal Lifts Transportation provides senior, elderly, and wheelchair-accessible transportation to people in western North Carolina. 

We help seniors get where they need and want to go safely, whether it’s the doctor, grocery shopping, or a fun-filled winter day exploring art galleries and shopping. 

If you or someone you love needs reliable, safe transportation this winter, contact the team at Loyal Lifts to schedule a ride