best gift for disabledHoliday gift-giving is always both enjoyable and challenging. This year, many of our loved ones are still experiencing hardships, which may influence which types of holiday gifts are most appropriate and appreciated. 

Family, friends, and coworkers with disabilities deserve holiday gifts that not only express love and care but also provide genuine, individualized comfort and use that improves their life. Here are five approaches to selecting gifts for the differently abled people in your life. 

Great Gifts for the Differently Abled in Your Family

1. Buy Gifts from Disabled-Lead Businesses

Why not help disabled companies by gifting things made and sold by disabled people while buying for handicapped friends and family? If you spend time on social media or do your own research for disability-related gifts, you might come across businesses and organizations that provide gifts that are specifically designed for people with disabilities.

2. Give Disability-Targeted Products

When looking for a gift, find things that are made and marketed to disabled people for disability-related items. This is the most simple approach to providing holiday presents to disabled loved ones or friends. 

Some products are designed to be beneficial or educational, whereas others provide less physical but sentimental value. First, determine what is specifically valuable to the individual for whom you are purchasing a gift. Then, consider the different obstacles and solutions provided by the gift.

3. Give Internet Connection Devices

It may seem obvious, but providing disabled people with easy access to internet gadgets can open up new worlds. Regardless of the form or severity of their disability, most disabled people would appreciate receiving an internet-connected smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

For people with disabilities, internet-connected devices are the most accessible consumer products. They offer daily communication, personal organization, and accessibility to a larger community. It also provides the option of working from home, whether out of necessity or choice.

4. Give Labor Gifts

What many people with disabilities and chronic diseases need more than anything else is assistance from another person to do tasks that they cannot do for themselves. As a gift, most of us are unlikely to be able to pay for ongoing and indefinite home care or household services.

You may, however, be able to provide some of your time and energy or arrange for compensated assistance for specialized, one-time, or irregular chores. This would include seasonal cleaning, clearing, rearrangement, and redecorating. 

It might also be a memorable gift to accompany a disabled person on a fun day or weekend trip they've always wanted to take, assist with a holiday shopping experience, or just volunteer as a weekly errand assistant.

5. Gifting Disabled Transportation 

Giving holiday gifts to disabled people is, in many ways, no different from giving them to anyone else. The holidays offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do something special for people with disabilities you know and care about. If you still can't decide, one of the best gifts you can give to a disabled loved one is transportation. 

Loyal Lifts in Asheville, NC, provides chauffeur-quality, personalized service in a custom luxury upfitted car designed specifically for people with disabilities. Contact us for additional information on how you can offer the unique gift of transportation. We are here to help make the holidays special for your differently-abled and senior loved ones in the Asheville area.