10 Handy Resources for Travelers with Disabilities 

10 Handy Resources for Travelers with Disabilities 

In recent years, there has been more buzz about “accessible travel” - and we love it. Having the opportunity to access transportation and travel opportunities is essential for all of us. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 25.5 million Americans have travel-limiting disabilities, and unfortunately, 3.6 million of these folks do not leave their homes because they are disabled or housebound. Our goal is to change this, one trip at a time. Here are some helpful resources for travelers with disabilities.

The good news: there is a lot of information out there for travelers who have disabilities. Even better, much of it is generated by people who have first-hand experience. It is helpful to learn from those who have shared the same types of challenges and frustrations - and have found ways to overcome them.


If you are planning to travel, check out:

Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality 

Travel tips, access information, destination reviews, need to know facts, and much more: SATH also provides a list of curated websites to lead you to additional helpful resources, suited for your needs.


Travelers with disabilities have rights and protections under the law. It is important that you are aware of these as you navigate airports, airlines, and flights. Smarter Travel has a clear summary of your rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Air Carrier Access Act. 

You can also find more information from the US Department of Transportation and the TSA

Accessible Journeys

Accessible Journeys is a vacation planning service and tour operator designed exclusively for travelers with wheelchairs and “slow walkers.” They provide group tours but also customize accessible travel adventures for individuals (and their friends and families). Enjoy a “barrier-free” vacation at your own pace. As Accessible Journeys says, everyone deserves “accessible vacations with no surprises,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Accessible Journeys also has informational articles and blogs on their website to help you plan your trip.

Accessible Travel Solutions 

This is another great booking and tour service, offering professionally-licensed guides, accessible vehicles and transfers (if needed), and emergency support. They handle all the travel logistics for accessible escorted vacations, including accommodations, tours, and transfers. Whether you’ve always wanted to go to St. Maarten, Aruba, San Juan, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, and other terrific Caribbean and European destinations, Accessible Travel Solutions can help make your dream a reality. 

Cruise Critic

Set sail with Cruise Critic: you can find a wealth of information about taking cruises, as well as the best ships for your needs.


Here you will find information on everything from accessible travel agents and transportation services to travel companions. It’s a good site on which to start your search and begin looking into providers/services that can help make your trip memorable - for all the right reasons.

Disabled Traveler’s Guide to the World

This Guide provides you with information, tips, accessible travel FAQs, and much more. Again, a great place to start researching your vacation or trip.

Emerging Horizons

Emerging Horizons is chock full of information for travelers with disabilities and mobility issues. National parks and domestic destinations are prominently featured, and you can also access resources, lodging ideas, and expert advice.

Gimp on the Go

Another great resource with destination reviews, resources, and tips. The Travel Tips section is particularly helpful: you can find information on traveling with oxygen, traveling with service animals, transportation, advice for deaf and hard of hearing folks, and much more.

New Directions Travel 

This nonprofit organization specializes in high-quality travel experiences (local, national, and international) for people with mild to moderate developmental disabilities, including Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and autism. Trained travel guides help make holidays and vacations special for travelers and their families/friends.

Autism Travel is another helpful resource and helps create “safe sensory-friendly certified travel options” for people on the spectrum. You can find information on autism-friendly destinations, each of which has completed rigorous, in-depth training and certification related to autism.

Traveling opens new doors and brings us into the world of opportunity. Accessible travel is possible, and there are many resources out there to help you get started. Yes, it does take more work and planning to plan a vacation or trip - and yes, it is worth it!

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