What It Is Like to Ride with Loyal Lifts

What It Is Like to Ride with Loyal Lifts

Getting from place to place is a challenge every day, from the traffic to remembering directions, and mobility issues only serve to make transportation more difficult. But there is a better solution to carrying all this stress on your own; it is Loyal Lifts. 


Loyal lifts provide people with mobility challenges with transportation opportunities and always have the rider’s needs as a top priority. From the moment you step into the vehicle to venture out until you are safely returned back home, your experience is paramount. Our services have become popular for those seeking to attend doctor’s appointments or looking for transportation to and from airports. 

No matter what your transportation needs look like, Loyal Lifts is prepared and excited to connect with you and be a part of your trip. In this article, we will discuss important topics to keep in mind while preparing to ride with Loyal Lifts, and hopefully answer some of your questions along the way. 

What It’s Like to Ride with Loyal Lifts 

How It Works

We know that access to public transportation can be cumbersome and expensive, and we are even more aware that many people with disabilities do not have service providers with the means to transport them to all the places they need to go. This need is exactly what inspired Loyal Lifts, and today we pride ourselves on providing accessible and affordable travel services. 

If you are looking to find a ride, signing up is easy. Those interested in participating can sign up for a ride on our website or by calling our office. These two options allow customers more choice in how they want to interact with the Loyal Lifts team and prepare for their trip. 

When signing up for yourself or a loved one, be prepared to communicate the date and times associated with your pick up and drop off as well as any addresses drivers may need to help you get to your destination. The more we know about your party, 

Our staff may also ask you about your or your loved one’s mobility level and accessibility needs. These types of questions help our team better suit the ride to the specific needs of the passengers. Being prepared for various situations is key to the success of our services, and the questions we ask do help us anticipate customers’ needs more effectively. 

After quickly signing up, we will handle the rest, and once your travel day arrives, we will be waiting to greet you at the pickup location. Then before you know it, we will be back to return you to your endpoint destination. 

Riding Experience 

The customer always comes first when riding with Loyal Lifts, and we strive to create a cozy and inviting riding experience. Our vehicles are equipped to transport people with varying mobility levels as well as their medical equipment, and the employees at Loyal Lifts are specifically trained to work with people in this community and with this type of equipment. 

Our vehicles always arrive clean and organized before each ride, and they are capable of seating parties of three or fewer. Those riding will experience comfortable seating, a skylight view, a wide range of music choices, and a whole lot more as they head towards their destination. We even have heated seats to keep guests toasty during colder rides. 

Most importantly, our team is flexible and is able and willing to accommodate you in whatever ways you may need. Do not be shy to ask your driver to turn up the air conditioning or to lower the music volume; they are there to make sure you have the best possible ride and love to make guests feel safe and comfortable while riding. 

Planning Your Next Trip

Whenever you need help traveling around the Asheville area, Loyal Lifts will be ready! Our drivers look forward to building connections with passengers, and they feel fulfillment as they make the lives of those around them easier, one ride at a time. Visit our website today to schedule your next accessible ride. 

Whether it is merely a check-up at the doctor’s office or it is a red carpet event, Loyal Lifts is waiting for you. You are only a few clicks away from easy, safe, and accessible transportation. We hope to see you around Asheville this fall.