Help for Caregivers Asheville, NCWith the growing number of aging Americans, the need for caregivers for the elderly is growing. Home health care is a growing trend as the elderly wish to live in their homes but need additional care from qualified home health care professionals or family members.

Also, there are many families where one or both elderly parents live in the home with their adult children and are cared for on a day-to-day basis.

Caregiving may be one of the most important and challenging roles you’ll ever take on. No matter where you are in your caregiving journey — starting to plan; taking care of a family member in your home, in a facility, or from a distance; or managing end-of-life caregiving responsibilities — having resources at your fingertips will make the process easier.

Compounding the difficulties of caregivers is the fact that many of those they are taking care of have mobility disabilities. Persons aging with mobility disability experience transportation barriers, which can hinder their ability to participate fully in society.

It can be very trying for a caregiver to take their client or family member to the doctor, shopping, outdoor events around town, or to places such as the airport for trips away from home. Public transportation limits the ability of those in wheelchairs, even if they have proper wheelchair-accessible facilities.

However, in the Asheville, NC, area, there is help available for caregivers to provide safe and accessible transportation for their clients or family members.

Help for Caregivers in Asheville, NC

Loyal Lifts of Buncombe County, NC provides Comfortable Medical Transportation to Asheville, NC, and door-to-door, safe, and comfortable transportation for caregiver clients or family members in the greater Asheville area.

If you are relying on a shuttle service to doctor’s appointments and other medical transportation needs, you might be expecting an uncomfortable ride. That does not have to be the case. 

Loyal Lifts Transportation provides wheelchair-accessible, non-emergency transportation to doctors, specialists, and the hospital. Our vans are incredibly comfortable, and our drivers are professional and safe.

If you are searching for a ride for your friends or loved ones, make sure they receive the wheelchair-accessible transportation they need with comfortable and spacious seating. Loyal Lifts provides reliable and caring door-to-door transportation to western North Carolina residents and visitors with all types of special needs.

Loyal Lifts Provides Transportation Help for Caregivers in Asheville, NC

As a caregiver in Asheville, it may be difficult to assist your clients or a family member in appreciating all that Asheville has to offer because of mobility disabilities; however, Loyal Lifts can open up a world of opportunities.


Seven Things You Can Do in Asheville with Wheelchair Accessible Transportation

  • Go shopping: If you enjoy shopping, Asheville has a lot of great options. With Loyal Lifts, we can take you everywhere, from the Asheville Outlets to your favorite grocery store, farmer’s markets, or downtown shops
  • Go art gallery hopping: If you enjoy art, Loyal Lifts can help you get to your favorite galleries throughout the region, such as the River Arts District.
  • Go to celebrations: Loyal Lifts can take you to weddings, birthday parties or family reunions, and other special family and friend functions.
  • Go to parks and greenways: Loyal Lifts can take you to area greenways and parks in style without leaving your wheelchair behind.
  • Go to restaurants and shows: From famous eateries like Tupelo Honey Café and Farm Burger to lesser-known restaurants like Twisted Laurel, there is great food in Asheville, and Loyal Lifts can get you there safely.
  • Go to medical appointments: Asheville offers excellent healthcare facilities, and Loyal Lifts can get you to your favorite doctor or medical facility in a wheelchair-friendly van.
  • Go to the airportIf you need airport shuttling for you, your luggage, and your wheelchair, Loyal Lifts is here to help.

If you need comfortable medical transportation in the Asheville area, or you are arranging shuttles to and from the doctor for a loved one, contact Loyal Lifts Transportation today. We will make sure you ride to your next doctor’s appointment in style. Go to our website at or call us at 828-674-6471 to schedule transportation today.