Accessible Transportation for Seniors and those in Wheelchairs Asheville, NCWhen you have a mobility challenge, it may mean that the routine tasks people complete every day are a challenge for you. Grocery shopping or getting to the doctor may be difficult. Visiting a friend or trying a new store, gallery, or restaurant may be challenging. This may cause greater isolation for many people - as well as great frustration. There is a solution. High-quality accessible transportation makes it possible for you to access, navigate, and explore the world outside your door. 

Accessible Transportation for Seniors and those in Wheelchairs

Loyal Lifts is committed to delivering service with a smile. Owner Keith Alan Wells, a lifelong Buncombe County resident, started this family-owned company after battling various health issues. Keith recovered, and he was immensely grateful to the folks who helped him along his journey. Wanting to give back, he founded Loyal Lifts to empower people with disabilities and mobility issues to live life to the fullest. We don’t see restrictions or limitations; we see possibilities and opportunities. And we help you realize them.

Our customers are our top priority, and we seek to make each mile a pleasure. This is why we offer chauffeur quality “beyond the sidewalk” service and custom luxury upfitted vehicles for maximum comfort and convenience. Our safe and reliable drivers are not only carefully vetted but also meet our high standards for personal conduct. Expect respect, compassion, and a wonderful ride to and from your destination.

Our high-quality accessible transportation solutions are designed to help our neighbors enjoy their community and take care of essential tasks. From shopping or picking up prescriptions to meeting with your book club or sampling the latest farm-to-table treasure in town, Loyal Lifts will get you there. And if you want a companion, they are more than welcome. We can accommodate three passengers (with up to two wheelchair passengers). 

From errands to exploration, Loyal Lift’s exceptional accessible transportation services are designed just for you. Contact us today, and we’ll be right there!