elderly and disabled transportation services cantonIn Haywood County, North Carolina, Canton is the second-largest town. It is a suburb of the metropolitan area of Asheville and is situated about seventeen miles to the west of the city. Canton, NC, is a town known for the outdoors. Surrounded by some of the tallest mountains east of the Mississippi River, even the most mundane daily chores place you in the midst of breathtaking scenery. 

However, it is the type of place where getting around is a challenge if you do not drive yourself. Canton seniors and those with disabilities need transportation services they can trust. Loyal Lifts Transportation is your source for the highest quality, comfortable shuttle services for elderly and disabled persons. 

Elderly and Disability Transportation in Canton, NC

Loyal Lifts Transportation Services provides chauffeur quality, personal service in a custom, luxury upfitted vehicle custom designed to accommodate mobility issues and disability. Make sure you or a loved one has the wheelchair-accessible transportation they require so they can travel comfortably from home.

For customers with a variety of unique requirements in western North Carolina, we offer dependable and considerate door-to-door transportation. Our operators are skilled and courteous.

Get Where You Need to Go with Loyal Lifts

Whether you’re ‘running errands, sightseeing, or just enjoying the many activities available in western North Carolina, Loyal Lifts can get you where you need to go

  • Visiting the Doctor: Seniors' confidence and contentment can be greatly boosted when they are able to complete chores like these on their own. That includes going to doctors' appointments and visiting medical professionals.
  • Running Daily Errands: When seniors have dependable transportation, regular activities like browsing at the farmer's market, stopping at the pharmacy, grocery shopping, and visiting the post office become much easier and more convenient. Additionally, it is considerably safer than figuring out various transit routes, carrying heavy shopping bags, or attempting to walk great distances.
  • Getting Together with Friends: In order to retain close relationships as individuals get older, it is crucial to have the freedom to visit friends in their homes, care facilities, hospitals, or favorite coffee shops.
  • Airport Shuttle Service: Many people enjoy flying but dislike having to drive to the airport, park, and then drive home after an extended vacation. We will help you get to and from the airport safely and in luxury.
  • Attending Places of Worship: Many older citizens place high importance on consistently attending their place of worship. They may accomplish this safely with the aid of a knowledgeable, qualified driver they can trust. 
  • Special Events: It's crucial to be able to contribute to the community. Nobody wants to miss the Fourth of July Parade, the NC Arboretum's Winter Lights, or any of the other distinctive Asheville events. Nor do you want to be hindered from attending weddings, birthday parties, funerals, and graduation ceremonies. 

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Whether you or someone you love needs reliable, safe, wheelchair-accessible transportation in Canton or western North Carolina, we can help. Contact us today to arrange a ride with Loyal Lifts!