door to door wheelchair accessThere are a lot of great things to see and places to go throughout the Asheville area. Within a relatively short drive from anywhere in Buncombe County, you can find everything you need, including:

  • Towering mile-high mountain peaks rising from the city’s skyline
  • World-class restaurants that are routinely featured on television and in magazines
  • Senior-friendly activities and clubs
  • Gyms and swimming pools, as well as spas and natural springs
  • Excellent healthcare that would be the envy of most cities our size
  • Premium shopping outlets and centers 
  • Classy grocery stores with everything you could possibly need

Another thing you will find in Asheville, unfortunately, is traffic. Our natural wonders and community features have led to an influx of new residents, and the presence of millions of tourists every year. That is great for the economy; however, if you are getting around and trying to navigate traffic, it can be difficult. It is more challenging if you have to transfer in and out of your wheelchair when you get to your destination. You may have thought it’s too bad there is not a wheelchair taxi in Asheville. It turns out, there is one. Loyal Lifts Transportation is your Asheville wheelchair taxi, helping you get where you need to go without the headaches. 

Wheelchair Taxi Asheville NC

Do you have a favorite doctor or healthcare office? You can choose to travel with Loyal Lifts. Our door-to-door shuttle service provides wheelchair accessible shuttling to Asheville’s medical facilities, including:

  • Mission Hospital
  • Mission Healthcare Offices
  • The Family Health Centers
  • Asheville Neurology Specialists
  • Trillium Family Medicine
  • Carolina Internal Medicine
  • And Many More

Maybe you have a favorite grocery store, shopping center, restaurant, park, or pool, Loyal Lifts Transportation can get you there as well. We provide premium vehicles, professional drivers, and everything you need to enjoy this city. We help customers get to a variety of events as well:

  • Weddings and funerals
  • Birthday parties and graduation ceremonies
  • Senior citizen banquets and veteran appreciation gatherings
  • Reunions and much more

Wherever you are going to in Asheville, we are your wheelchair taxi service. You do not have to feel like you are stuck at home because of your chair and Asheville’s tricky traffic. We are here to help. Let our professionals help you take care of your loved ones and make them mobile again. Our transportation is reliable, safe, and readily available. Contact us to schedule your transportation appointment today.