How to Travel Around Asheville With Your Wheelchair This Summer

How to Travel Around Asheville With Your Wheelchair This Summer

It’s difficult to predict what potential obstacles may occur when traveling with your wheelchair, so planning ahead and being prepared are essential when adventuring in the summer is always a good idea. Asheville, North Carolina, has so much to offer-- from the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains to the downtown restaurants and shops-- but sometimes our mountains can be challenging for those with mobility and wheelchair concerns. 

There are many things to plan out when traveling. Places to stay and eat, sites to explore, and reserving the transportation to make it all happen. All of these take more consideration when planning for accessibility, but never impossible. 

Here are a few tips to help you get around our area with your wheelchair.


Tips for Traveling With a Wheelchair in Western North Carolina

1. Plan Ahead

Summer is the season for vacation! The mountains in Western North Carolina are a popular destination for many looking to escape the humid and sticky hot weather typical of the south. Planning ahead is key; six months up to a year in advance allows for time to research accessible options at your planned destination. 

2. Book in Advance

Booking accessible hotels and transportation in advance tend to be cheaper for the traveler. Loyal Lifts Transportation in Asheville, NC, is a reliable chauffeur quality, personal transportation service designed to accommodate mobility issues and disability. They work with you to figure out what services will fit your travel needs best. 

You can schedule pick-ups in advance, and they offer a multitude of different transportation services. You can book them for all-day exploring or for pick up/ drop off at specific destinations throughout your trip. Loyal Lift Transportation offers rides to and from Asheville Regional Airport and can help arrange transportation to and from Charlotte Douglas International Airport or the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport, so if flying is the mode of travel, getting to Asheville is a breeze. 

Securing reliable, comfortable, and accessible transportation is one of the most important steps when making summer travel plans. Having that transportation scheduled means you never have to be worried about missing any tours booked or missing any reservations. 

3. Double Check Everything

Accessibility has many different meanings depending on where you are going. It is important to ask any lodging accommodations what is included in the accessible room. Make sure to ask about door width and height and any passageways where you are staying so that no problems arise for your summer travel. 

4. Stay Flexible but Don’t Limit Yourself

Planning ahead is necessary, but there will always be unforeseen variables when traveling to a new place. Vacations are times for exploration and new experiences so staying flexible is key to having the best time. But it is important to never assume that a place or activity is not wheelchair friendly. 

You would be surprised to find out that there are wheelchair-accessible trails to see the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, NC. A favorite is the Lake Junaluska trail, fully paved and during the summer has an area deemed the “Rose Walk” that has hundreds of delightful blooms. This trail is free to all and is mostly flat with one small uphill part. 

5. Push Past Any Fears

While going somewhere unknown is scary-- for anyone-- it is definitely more intimidating for a wheelchair user as the travel plans have to be slightly different. But never let that stop you from seeing the world because it is always worth the risks. 

Let the Locals Take You Around Asheville and Surrounding Areas

The drivers at Loyal Lift Transportation are lifelong residents of Buncombe County and know the roads like the backs of their hands. Travel with ease to any destination in Western North Carolina and know that you will arrive safely and on time. 

Traveling with a wheelchair can be stressful but let Loyal Lifts take away all the stress from any transportation logistics. We are your personalized tour driver for any shopping, dining, sightseeing, and day excursions. Our custom luxury vehicle includes front-facing ramp entry, full sunroof, and heated seats. We take pride in being family and locally owned and are proud to serve our Asheville community. 

When planning out your next trip to the Western North Carolina region, give Loyal Lifts a call at 828-674-6471 so that we can ensure a seamless vacation for you and your loved ones. 

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