Now is the time to get out and enjoy the awe-inspiring scenery and sweeping vistas that our beautiful state of North Carolina offers. What could be better than a refreshing adventure in nature! But what if you have mobility challenges? Don’t worry: there are plenty of exceptional accessible hiking trails in and around Asheville to enjoy. So, grab your water bottle, your camera, and prepare for a terrific time outdoors. Please remember to double-check whether these areas are open to the public and whether there are changes to their operations before arranging to head out to the trail.

In recent years, there has been more buzz about “accessible travel” - and we love it. Having the opportunity to access transportation and travel opportunities is essential for all of us. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 25.5 million Americans have travel-limiting disabilities, and unfortunately, 3.6 million of these folks do not leave their homes because they are disabled or housebound. Our goal is to change this, one trip at a time. Here are some helpful resources for travelers with disabilities.

The good news: there is a lot of information out there for travelers who have disabilities. Even better, much of it is generated by people who have first-hand experience. It is helpful to learn from those who have shared the same types of challenges and frustrations - and have found ways to overcome them.

As an extra precaution, all riders will have to wear a mask while in the vehicle at all times. If they do not have one, Loyal Lifts will provide one and will place it on the seat for their use. In addition, we have been and are continuing to take the following health and safety precautions:

  • Keith Wells, our owner and driver, is making sure our van is wiped down thoroughly between each and every ride.
  • We are taking it upon ourselves to use a forehead thermometer on our riders before they enter the van to ensure no one with a fever is transported anywhere.
  • No one is allowed in the van except for Keith and his client.
  • We can accommodate people in wheelchairs.
  • If you have mobility difficulties, we can provide a wheelchair (let us know before your ride as we don’t carry it unless required).  
Please note: Retirement Community Centers are checking temperatures before allowing anyone into the facility.
Also, we suggest that you double-check with your medical office as many of them are rescheduling “non-essential” appointments or surgeries.  Some are also changing entry points to their facilities. Be sure to call ahead and verify before you go.

Call us at 828-674-6471

Even though Asheville is one of the largest mountain towns east of the Mississippi River, we have continued to maintain tight-knit communities and a small-town feel throughout the region. Southern hospitality abounds, and neighbors often come together to help those in need. Because of the number of people residing in Buncombe County, restaurants, grocery stores, gyms and all kinds of other businesses are able to thrive. We are also blessed to have excellent healthcare providers close by. From Mission Hospital to private physicians, to physical therapists, there is no shortage of qualified medical professionals around.

March is colorectal cancer awareness and prevention month and what better way is there to support and promote this very important cause than to participate in a fun, family-friendly 5k run on a beautiful Spring day in Asheville. “Get Your Rear in Gear” 5k was postponed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

See our updated blog post here!

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